C B D . LA  盛博地设计 

Classic  Build  Design Landscape architecture

盛博地设计(Classic  Build  Design Landscape architecture)成立于2012年,是一家专注城市景观规划与设计,追求品质与创意的设计公司。总部位于北京,并于天津设立分支机构,具有多专业综合,多元化的设计团队,核心主创团队负责人拥有20年以上地产及公共景观项目策划、规划建造、设计管理等丰富经验。坚持提供务实优质的设计与咨询服务,致力于为客户提供有思想,适合需求并有价值追求的景观作品。

C B D . LA design company  was founded in 2012, headquartered in Beijing, and set up a branch in Tianjin. It is a design company focusing on urban landscape planning and design, pursuing quality and creativity. With a multi-disciplinary, comprehensive and diversified design team, the head of the core creative team has more than 20 years of rich experience in real estate and public landscape project planning, planning and construction, design management, etc. We insist on providing practical and high-quality design and consulting services, and are committed to providing customers with thoughtful, suitable and valuable landscape works.

服务内容/ Service content


Including real estate landscape architecture design, municipal park, river wetland landscape, green island planning and design, ecological restoration and restoration of mining area and polluted area, cultural tourism planning and design, including landscape project approval and standard research, planning and design and construction standard consultation, construction implementation management and post project evaluation and other whole process services.

业态涵盖 / Format coverage


Commercial real estate, residential community, hotel and office, industrial park, culture and tourism, park and river, urban open public space and many other fields.